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Ant-Man and the Wasapa

Infinity War was cute and all… but where was Ant-Man at? Ant-Man and the Wasp is a very comical and action-packed movie that is made for comic book connoisseurs, cinephiles, and families alike.


Ant-Man and the Wasp was a movie that we needed to give us a bit of comical yet action-packed relief to take our distraught minds from Infinity War. It also taught us that at no matter how big or how small someone is, your heart is bigger.

Based off of trailers we were shown, the white figure Ghost was made to look the big bad of the movie. After watching it, she wasn’t the big bad at all. I know right, entire gender swap (hah-ha). In the movie Ghost’s motive for killing Janet when she exits the Quantum Realm is to save her own life. Ghost wasn’t really a villain, she was used as a weapon that wanted to literally live and be free.Ghost

In the movie, we watch the relationship between Hope and Scott blossom again seeing as though they’re on the run. The chemistry between them has shifted from the events of the first Ant-Man to this one but never disappeared. Like energy in science, it cannot be destroyed, it can only transform. I honestly ship them but hey let’s first see if she takes on the mantle of Red Queen.

The comedic relief between Luis, Kurt, and Dave was what added that extra “umph” to the movie. Everybody had their moment, but that X-Con trio and the truth serum was a good laugh. Also, Luis’ amazing storytelling from start to finish was and will always be hilarious!

Overall the movie was amazing! It is exactly what was needed minus the post-credit ending. The ending left room for a “what if”. Like, now that Hank, Hope, and Scott disappeared, how is Scott going to escape the Quantum Realm? Is this going to be contributing to Infinity War, or is him being trapped a temporary placeholder? Guess we’ll find out next year!


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