Spotlight: Elicia Hunter

Hey guys, gworls, and gays! Today I am spotlighting one of my good sis’ Elicia Hunter, also known as Elicia Renee on her YouTube channel! Elicia is a 20-year-old makeup enthusiast who works hard and takes pride in her work! Like you should get into sis’ looks! She slays effortlessly and is always looking stunning. Whether it’s a bum day or she’s headed out, she serves us “lewks” and is serving face! Elicia never fails to let us down when it comes down to it.Speaking of the gym, Elicia has recently got into the fitness scene a couple months ago and she is showing bomb results. She’s taking the gym thing more seriously than I am (ha-ha). I have yet to step foot in a gym all summer, just kind of waiting for my body to sculpt itself. She works out faithfully and eats accordingly. Need new workouts? Ask her. Need to know which protein is right for you? Consult the good sis. She will get you right.With her busy life, Elicia still manages to do YouTube. It may not be full time but part time suits her best as of right now. Her channel is all things makeup, hair, and how she lives her daily life. So, if any of those things are up your alley, then go check her channel out like… ASAP!When it is all said and done, Elicia is one of the most dedicated people I know. She sets her mind on a goal and she finishes her goal. Just as she is sculpting herself into the best version she can be, she wants you to do the same.

If you want to keep up with the good sis, follow her on her social media accounts. Support her and show her some love! We need people like her in the world!

Stay Gay and Geeky,


Instagram: @yung_li 

YouTube: Elicia Renee

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