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The Good Sis Moon Girl & DD

Ya know, I applaud Marvel for giving us more of a variety of blacker heroes in their comics. One of my new favorite heroes that they have whipped up is Moon Girl with her good mans’ Devil Dinosaur.

Lunella Lafayette

Moon Girl AKA Lunella Lafayette is a super-intelligent 9-year-old girl who lives on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, highlighting the struggle of living in a tough neighborhood. Lunella deserves better! Anyways, in an attempt to make the omniwave projector designed by the Kree to work in her favor, she accidentally opens up a portal to the Jurassic period and Devil Dinosaur appears. Over time she and DD develop a tight-knit bond with each other. A black girl is a threat to Amerikkka already, but a black girl with a pet dinosaur… Trump ain’t gonna be so happy to hear about this (lol). In a failed attempt to protect her from the Terrigen Mist, she goes through terrigenesis (the revealing of her inhuman power) and reveals that sis can switch bodies with miss DD.

            Moon Girl’s comic book series is more than just your average book for kids to indulge in, it’s for everyone. As a black preteen, nobody wants to listen nor pay attention to the kids who say they can all be in trouble, and it’s bigger than the neighborhood they stay in. So she takes matters into her own hands. This series teaches you lessons, whether it is your typical lesson on how smoking is the worst thing to do or teaching you a long overdue lesson. It also makes a statement that #BlackGirlMagic exist. Miss Lunella is 9-years-old, has popping curls, and is LITERALLY the smartest girl in the world. Moon Girl outsold Reed Richards! She was able to solve the Banner-Box… Something that is literally unsolvable. Now that right there is amazing!

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Issue #31

I have to give my props to the creators of Moon Girl; Amy Reeder and Natacha Bustos. You want to know what they did? THAT! All jokes aside, you should go out to your local comic book shop or buy a digital version of Moon Girl comics and indulge yourself in some good reading along with the amazing illustrations.

Stay Gay & Geeky,


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