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What Pride Means to Me

Wow, what an amazing Pride month! Literally, everything about it was amazing. From us LGBT+ members having a whole month to celebrate us all the way with the Pride festivals, parades and years of love. I can’t wait for the many Pride months to come! This year there were so many great performances and festivals. One of them is a fave Twitter icon of mine that goes by Drebae. I’m so excited to see his music and his fanbase grow for he truly is a spokesperson for the “gays and gworls” that cannot speak. His tweets helped me a LOT to when it came to me finding myself. If Twitter sees this, they need to hurry up and give him his verified check mark!



Back to what I was writing about, Pride and Pride month was more than just a celebration of my community and I… For me and some others, Pride was A way of blossoming into who we deserve to be. After years of questioning my sexuality in high school, I finally came out New Year’s Eve of 2016. Ya know, start the year off fresh (ha-ha). When I came out I was overwhelmed with love and support from my friends and others, it felt refreshing! But after all was said and done I started to ponder on it and realize that I didn’t come out for myself, instead, I came out because I thought that was what everyone else wanted. Fast-forward a little to the beginning of June last year, A good friend of mine invited me to attend D.C. Pride with them for my first time. Feeling very skeptical about it, I decided to go. The atmosphere was amazing! My first Pride was the awakening to the real me… The me I wanted to be. At that Pride, I came out to myself and literally wouldn’t have it any other way.



Although I came out to myself, I still didn’t feel comfortable coming out to my family because I was scared of the hate and backlash I would receive. I mean c’mon who wouldn’t be scared to do so when the majority of your family are Christian hypocrites who would probably skin me alive if they had the chance. This year was the full blossoming of me, the 5’11”, bi-sexual, and the outgoing black boy who is very joyous, outgoing and feeling vivacious. I had a blast all weekend with my closest friends who I’m proud to call family! They came out to be an LGBT+ ally and support me and I honestly am happy to have them in my life.



This year was the year that made me realize that I’m here to live my life for the benefit of me and not others. So, I took this time to come out to my family and it felt GREAT to exhale! I can finally live my life worry-free about what others have to say about me. It took me a while to realize now that when it comes to how I’m living my life, anything that is said about me that didn’t come from me is an opinion. And my opinion is the only opinion that matters!

Pride month has done so much for me, it owes me nothing! I’m happy to be able to start living the life I was destined to live, and I can’t wait to see what more my future has in store for me!

Stay Gay and Geeky,



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