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Spidey: Schools Out

Everyone loves their friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and he’s not even in some of our neighborhoods (ha-ha). Well now that Spidey’s free from school what will he do now? Find out in the comic book series written by John Barber, “Spidey: Schools Out”!

As John Baber described it to us, “Peter Parker just survived his first year as the Amazing Spider-Man AND a year of high school! What is he going to do next? He’s going to Stark science camp! A week indoors with the coolest technology in the world is a dream come true for Peter — and a bonanza for one Spider-foe who’s seriously upgraded his arsenal. Can Spider-Man keep the camp safe, and keep his identity secret from his first dorm mate, while Peter Parker makes new friends and finishes his project on time?”Spidey Schools Out #2

In this comic rendition, Peter Parker of Earth 1610 seems to be the not-so-smart Peter Parker we know because of the friends he’s surrounding himself around. Ganke and Gloriana “GG” is a few levels ahead of his intellect. Although it seems like they could not care less about whether or not Peter is around, they care so much for his safety and would do anything to keep him around. This rendition also highlights it to make Spidey out to be a not-so-good superhero.Spidey Schools Out

In my opinion, this comic is a solid 8 out of 10, room for more growth. Excellent comic to be read by viewers of all ages and something that has reread value honestly. Spidey: Schools Out is out for $2.99 on ComiXology and $3.99 for a physical copy. The series is only three issues in so you most definitely have an ample amount of time to catch up. Don’t miss out on this bi-weekly series!

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