Spotlight: Mackenzie Jackson

Hey guys, gworls, and gays! Today I am spotlighting one of my favorite people, and her name is Mackenzie Jackson.

Mackenzie Jackson is an amazing self-taught MUA (Makeup Artist) and owner of MackinnsBeats that attends the great Morgan State University, home of the bears. Mackenzie is by far one of the most talented MUAs out there. To test her ability, I let her perform on me and sis did not disappoint at all!Mackins in a Museum

I asked Mackenzie about her about where she got her inspiration to start her small business and this is what she had to say. “You can say as a young black girl there were always standards that I felt like I didn’t meet. I knew I didn’t look like the girls in the movies or those in the magazines. Make-up was something that always made me feel pretty… or prettier. I would spend countless hours searching on YouTube for different makeup looks I could try. So, with that, I always stole my mom’s makeup bag, eventually graduating to getting my own. Not only did I find change or improvements to my technique, but I found passion. It slowly began to become a ritual for me. I constantly would try different things like lipstick, eyeliner, eyebrows, dabbled in eyeshadows, foundations, etc. Over time people noticed my work and that I was better than the average teenager in my area. So, I took it and ran with it. I started practicing on all of my friends that would let utilize their face as what I saw as a blank canvas. Now I do make-up for any event confidently whether it be proms, graduations, pageants, birthdays, photo shoots for clothing lines, and more. Makeup is my world. Therefore, I am Mackinns and I beat!BEAT

Mackenzie is a beautiful and talented young lady who is going places! You guys check out her socials below and be sure to follow her. Also, you guys should book the good sis and get your face beat to the gawds!

Instagram: MackinnsbEATs

YouTube: Simone Mackinns

Twitter: Macdaddyy__

1 comment

  1. Yes sis! Keep up the amazing face beats! Idk you at all but I’m rooting for you and wish you all types of happiness and success! 😁


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