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Voguing Down to the Pier With Pose




Wow! All I can say is wow! Ryan Murphy has outdone himself with this project. Pose is the show of the summer. Don’t at me, at ya momma!

House of Abundance

Pose is a show about the LGBT community and ballroom culture in New York of the late 80s. The representation we have on this show is amazing. From real trans actors playing trans parts to the cameo of famous and well-known ballroom judges, It couldn’t have got any better.


One of the main characters is Blanca, a Dominican, HIV+, transwoman who lived under the roof of her house mother that wants to make a name for herself by raising up her “children” to be the legendary House of Evangilistas, where they will “be commemorated with our statues at the pier”. Throughout the series, we see her personal growth within herself trying to not let the fact that she has HIV get to her. I mean hey, you have one life and miss Blanca is going to live her best one!

Damon Dancing

Next up we have Damon, an aspiring boy who wants to become a star! Where Damon was beaten down and denied at home, he was loved and cared for in the House of Evangilistas. Damon goes through the struggle of learning how to manage his school life, ballroom life, and his love life. He has been rewarded and he has been disciplined, and this is building a better, more confident Damon!

PRay Tell.gif

Here we have the infamous Billy Porter (if you haven’t heard him sing, you’re missing out) playing the role of Pray Tell, the black gay man who works in Macy’s cologne section by day and gives us ballroom commentary by night! He really is the person who brings everyone up when they’re down with amazing advice and a ki (a good laugh) every now and then. But he also struggles with his own demons including him and his love life. During the series you see him go through his ups and downs but one thing he won’t do is let you see him sweat!

Stan and Angel

Next up we have on the list are two people with an interesting story, the married businessman Stan and the transwoman Angel. Stan struggles with his own sexuality and his marriage while Angel wants to be a kept woman. Again, Angel wants to be a kept woman and Stan is willing to do so… But can he work through his things and keep his promise?

House of Abundance

Lastly, we have miss Elektra Abundance, mother of the House of Abundance. There is only room for perfection in Elektra’s house and nothing less which makes her more of an a**hole. She flaunts her good looks and expensive clothes off to everyone but she deals with an internal battle of sticking with what she has in-between her pants and her dream of becoming the woman she knows she deserves to be.


This show deserves everything and more! Gay, straight, whoever you are… Watch this show! You will definitely realize you’re making a good decision. I give this show a good 4.5 out of 5 stars.

POSE comes on FX at 9pm Eastern time every Sunday.

Stay Gay and Geeky,


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