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Teacher Takedown

Before I get started, I must say this show isn’t for everyone. For those who love white humor, dry humor, and/or dry white humor… Then this is for you!

Teachers is a show about six female elementary teachers who are clearly incapable of doing their job as a teacher without getting their personal lives intertwined with the students and other staff.



You have Ms. Snap and her obsession with trying to become a skinny celebrity. Ms. Snap also has some serious daddy issues and will do anything to have her moment in the limelight. You bring up anything about a publication or cameras around, issa whole wrap (ha-ha). If you cross her the wrong way then you can ‘snap’ right out of her life! I’m cackling at this statement I made so please don’t mind my corniness.



Next up you have Ms. Feldman, the 25-year-old druggie who doesn’t know how to save her coin for anything. Very irresponsible fifty percent of the time and does really out-of-the-ordinary sh*t majority of the time. In a way, she relates to most of us broke college students (lol).Feldman


Third one up on the roster, we have Mrs. Deb, the punk-rock goth Wiccan who really doesn’t give a crap unless you bring up her deadbeat husband. God forbid you bring up anything weight or looks related… Sis will legit become triggered and go off until her built-up self-hate out.Deb


We are now on to my freaking fave of the show, Mary-Louise. Mary-Louise is the saved, sanctified, holy ghost-filled, and fire baptized, she got Jesus! Yes, she does. But this saint is not so much of a saint. She follows in the footsteps of Ms. Snap and lusts after “hot dad”. She is cutthroat when she is mad yet she is also so very weird and tries to avoid weird situations she puts herself in. Honestly, she will keep you watching!Mary louise


The fifth on the list is the hippie of the bunch. Cecilia is one with earth and wants everyone to live the way she lives, and no I’m not saying don’t recycle and all that good because mother nature is highkey dying… Just don’t become a forceful vegan. Other than that sis is very creative and also ignored by the group majority of the time.cecilia


Lastly, we have Miss Caroline. The sis recently got divorced and she’s doing a terrible job at getting over him. This is the same lady who had her students looking at pictures of her ex-husband with other women for a grade. Since she cannot find love, she lives vicariously through everyone else including kids on the swing! Other than that, she is a neat hoe and keeps everything in her classroom and life on point, especially her cardigans!Caroline

This show is hella hilarious and I really say if you’re for this then watch it. Teachers air on TVLand every Tuesday at 10:30 est.

Stay Gay and Geeky,


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