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Putting the Tau in (Tau)dow

Netflix has been releasing some good stuff, and other stuff not so much… But Tau did not flop. This movie review is also spoiler free so feel free to keep reading!Feature Image

Directed by Federico D’Alessandro, this movie is about a sadistic ass celebrity scientist who kidnapped a subject for a sick program of his by the name of Julie. She can’t escape because of the built-in A.I. Now Julie must find a way to escape the sadist scientist by using Tau for her own advantage. Will Tau be the death of her or the savior?

The movie Tau gives me a Smart House version of a Black Mirror episode and honestly, I live for it!Smart House

Tau, for the most part, is a good movie. Nothing terrible but neither award winning. It’s just your average sci-fi thriller that’ll be a nice addition to your Netflix play queue! Although it was a good movie with a nice plot, the movie could have fleshed out the storyline a little bit more. I give it a good 7.5 out of 10.

Tau (2018) is available now to be watch on Netflix

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