Sensational Series TV

Sensational Series Part One

Hey what’s up guys, gays, and gworls! Today I bring you “Sensational Series”,  where every Friday for the next three weeks I bring to you shows that are my all time fave or shows that you may have missed. Some of the shows are just shows that you should just watch because I mean hey, it’s me, and I always come prepared with good reads and great screen watching content. Lets get started!

Harley Sipping Tea


The Flash

First up on the list we have Flash. The Flash is an amazing adaptation of the superhero Flash that airs on CW. It follows the life of Barry Allen and his gang as they take on the metahumans that are trying to take over Central City. Although the show is about Barry, the good sis Caitlyn and the jokester Cisco makes the show better than it already is.

To catch up, “The Flash” has all four seasons available on Netflix right now along with season five coming soon!


Black Lightning

Another CW hit series in my opinion. Based off another DC Comic hero, Black Lightning is a show about how the main hero Jefferson Pierce (Black Lightning) has his life turned upside down when someone from his past reappears back on the scene. Now he must suit back up and stop this. This show does a good job at representing what it’s like to be looked at as a minority no matter if you’re doing good or not. It also does a good job at showing the corrupt cop system because we all know they’re pigs (not all but a good amount). If that’s not reason enough to watch it, the good sis China Anne McClain is in this bih!

To catch up on Black Lightning, head over to Netflix where it’s at!


Queer Eye

One of my friends just recently put me on to this show and I must say, it does not disappoint! Queer Eye is a rebooted of their old show called “Queer Eye for Straight Guys”. This show brings five fabulous queer guys who are experts in different creative fields and upon request, they take on the task of remodeling a straight guy into a new person. They make them feel reborn and rejuvenated which is all that matters! Jonathan Van Ness is my fave but Karamo Brown is eye candy asf!

You can catch this Netflix Original Series… On Netflix (lol)


Tune in next week for part two of the Sensational Series! So you don’t miss it, make sure to subscribe to the blog to receive a notification when it’s posted!

Stay Tuned

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