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Fighting the Big Ball of Bigotry With Kevin Keller

Well first off, let me say that this one was an unexpected read… but it was a great one at that! Archie Comics introduces Kevin Keller!

Kevin Keller is their first openly gay character which we don’t see much of in the comics. I mean yeah we LGBT characters in comics, but most of them don’t openly say “hey, I’m gay”. Not saying they have to but it’s nice to have one where they have an in-depth storyline!2018-07-15 (3)

This series brings up and tackles the social issues pertaining to problems of the world. But it mostly tackles homophobia and issues of the LGBT+ community. Miss Kevin Keller along with his good sis Veronica Lodge and other folks are here to show y’all that we’re here and queer and living our mf truth!2018-07-15 (1)2018-07-15 (2)

If you’re looking for hardcore action like the other comics, you’re looking in the wrong place. But best believe if you do decide to read it, you will NOT  be disappointed! Kevin Keller is available on ComiXology and Archie Comics website so please go check it out!

Stay Gay and Geeky,


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