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In Case You Missed IT: Movie Edition Final Part

Hey, y’all! I’m back at it like a crack addict with some more movies you probably missed out on! Are y’all ready? Because these are the last few movies you should check out if you already haven’t!



Ocean’s 8

Ocean’s 8 is a sequel taking on the life of Debbie Ocean and her new crew with Miss Rihanna where they plan to pull off a major heist! Will they pull it off or fold under pressure?

Ocean’s 8 is currently in theaters but not for long so go get your ticket and enjoy!


Incredibles 2

The movie event that all of us been waiting on for 14 years! We finally got to get the sequel! Incredibles 2 takes place literally right after the events of the first movie. We get to see more of miss Elastic Girl AKA thicc queen, her buff a** husband, and their “bundles of joy” as they handle the new life of supers. Highkey Jack-Jack made the movie what is now

The Incredibles 2 is also out in theaters now so get your tickets y’all!


Deadpool 2

Everyone’s fave merc with a mouth is back at it like a crack addict where he takes on training a young mutant to reach his potential while protecting him from Cable. This movie bought back all the comedy from the last movie that made it what it was!

Deadpool 2 is currently out of theaters so you gotta wait for its release on the shelves unless you have “other” means of watching it.


Well that’s all folks for the In Case You Missed It: Movie Edition. But best believe it will be making a comeback July of 2019!

Stay Gay and Geeky,


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