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What’s up guys, gays and gworls! It’s your favorite LGBT nerd coming to you more live and more vivid color. Let me tell y’all about my trip to New York for the FIRST ANNUAL SLAYFEST!

So this weekend was my first time ever in New York, like… EVER! I must say it did not disappoint! The environment, the atmosphere, the creativity, and more. There are amazing street art and local businesses around every corner along with tons of things to do. So if you ever catch yourself bored in NY at any time of the day, you’re not living your best life. Ugh, I just cannot wait to go back. Shidd, I cannot wait to move out there! I know this was my first time but I feel at home there.





So after checking in, my travel buddy and I got ready to head out to SlayFest and IT. WAS.Sensational

So let’s fast-forward to my new weekend travel buddy Jamaya (left picture) and I showing up at the Brooklyn Academy of Music building to have a good time at SlayFest. SlayFest was amazing!

My Good Sis Jamaya and I

It really did not disappoint and the turnout for it being the first event was immaculate. For those who do not know what SlayFest is, “SLAY FEST is a celebration of queer and trans arts and culture presented by SLAY TV. Aimed to promote awareness, foster dialogue, build community, and bring visibility to artists and themed work, SLAY FEST will deliver an unforgettable live experience of the queer industry’s hottest stars.”


The panels they had were amazing, ESPECIALLY the panel on the women’s experience. Let me tell you… they preached the good mf word! My faves that were on the panel were Ericka Hart, Aaryn Lang, and miss Shea Diamond.

Women's Experience Panel
The Women’s Experience Panel



Aside from the panels I’ve got to meet some amazing people! I got to see the crew of one of my fave podcasts! HIM Podcast are literally the most amazing and humble people I’ve ever met. Both on-air and off-air personalities are just what I expected it to be… POPPIN!




I was able to chat with Erin (1/4th of HIM) about HIM and it went well. HIM started out as a thought of Malik’s (the main 1/4th of HIM) where they discuss lifestyle tings along with the conversations we normally don’t have which in the black LGBT community. Joined by him was the amazing Erin, Tray, and Stevie. They’re like the modern day gay Fantastic Four (ha-ha). I asked where does he see HIM Podcast in five years and he told me he would love for them to do live shows which I honestly live for! I know the many of their fans and I would definitely get their shows sold out and be ready for a live ki! Also be on the lookout for visuals produced by HIM henny! HIM Podcast is honestly a group of guys that I think everyone would love so be sure to check out their podcast and follow @himpodcast on Twitter and Instagram to stay updated!


Other than them I got to meet more of my fave people, especially Mr. Lamont Baldwin from Hella Single podcast. I literally live for every episode! You guys should too, check out his podcast Hella single and follow @hellasinglepod to stay updated!

Lamont Baldwin
Lamont Baldwin Everyone!



Y’all hear me talk about POSE a lot and I was honestly so freaking happy when I got to meet the famous Ryan Jamaal Swain! For those who do not know he plays the role of Damon! Agh I literally got so freaking excited! The category is… I met a star! I really cannot wait for the day where I can do a visual interview with him, I’m claiming it!





The panels, the Q&A, and the everything (especially the rooftop turn-up) was put together and honestly one of the best experiences I’ve had in my life. Most definitely in my top 2 and ain’t number two. YAHEAMEH! I literally can’t wait for next year’s SlayFest! Just say when and I’ll be purchasing my ticket and head right on over to the next event! Until next time!

Stay Gay and Geeky,


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