Dear... LGBT

Dear Homophobic Folks

Dear Homophobic Folks,

Today I have gathered you here to tell you about:

  1. How your ignorant views affect LGBTQ+ folks like myself.
  2. How your ignorant views affect black LGBTQ+ folks like myself.
  3. How your ignorant views literally add nothing positive in the atmosphere.
  4. How YOU can work on not being homophobic

So, for some reason whatsoever, you homophobic folks must love to mind someone else’s business and have an opinion on it even though you don’t live the life we do. Y’all love to say, “I don’t agree with how you live your life” and “Maybe it’s a phase… it’ll pass.” In all actuality, I don’t give a flying f*ck about what you think is or isn’t right for me because I know what’s right for me. Your way of thinking affects the life of me and the lives of many others because it makes it incapable for us to live our lives just like y’all.

Excuse me

Like… getting married to someone of the same sex is difficult along with holding back on PDA to make sure you’re comfortable, finding a job that will actually hire us, and giving blood.

Gay and bisexual men must abstain from sex for an entire year to give blood while heterosexuals are able to donate anytime no matter the date of their last fling. Unacceptable!

If you thought it was hard living as a gay man in America… then imagine living as a gay man that’s also black! Being black is strike one and being gay is another strike, so being both… that’s three strikes. For the majority of us queer colored folks, coming out or being gay was literally the worst thing that was wrong. With all the problems the black community and y’all gravitate towards this one the most when we are, yet again, minding our business. Hoteps and others alike like to preach about how the gays and gworls brings a bad name to the Black Lives Matter movement. I bet y’all wouldn’t be saying that if you knew that the main ones fighting for our rights are queer black folks. Aside from that, some queer black folk gets attacked by other black folks because of who we are. We’re also shamed in the churches but only tolerable when you need a choir director… mmm… All of these things cause us to fear for our lives and live behind a façade until we’re on our own because our lives are literally in danger! If you think that that’s okay, then please stop reading and block me back!

gay fear

Building off that fact, not just black queer folks live in fear… ALL of us queer folks live in fear of these things. Y’all homophobic folks kick us out no matter the age because you refuse to raise us. Y’all homophobic folks think it’s okay to call us “fags”, “lesbos”, and “trannies” … but it’s not. Y’all homophobic folks loveeeeee saying that we’re going to catch AIDS. Like how disrespectful you can get?!

But this isn’t the end-all-be-all for you! You can change your homophobic ways by simply stop doing and saying any of these things listed. Imma show YOU how to not be homophobic!Imma Show YOU

Take the time out to learn and get educated on our lifestyle if you want to make sure you don’t step on any toes. Stop saying that a bisexual girl is okay and deny that same right to bisexual guys. Stop trying to convert us to heteros because it won’t work. Trust me… some of tried! Instead of beating on folks and kicking them out, make home a safe space and allow them to freely express themselves. Lastly, remove that aspect of referring to us using derogatory terms. As for you guys with fragile masculinity, it’s okay to do self-care and not be considered gay. The only thing that makes you gay is if you are gay. So go get a manicure and wash up. If you are willing to change your ways, then I must applaud you for doing so. For those who do not seek change in their ignorant ways, just know there’s a big F*ck You I have for you.

If you know anyone that’s homophobic, share this with them. Let’s make the world better one person at a time!

In the words of Lynntesha Roberts,

“Stay in your lane, Stop Swervin”

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