Dear... LGBT

Dear Transphobic Folks

Dear Transphobic Folks,

I have gathered you here to tell you about:

  1. Why trans lives matter.
  2. Why trans-folks aren’t your sex toys.
  3. Why trans-folks should be treated as human beings.

So, for some reason whatsoever people think it’s okay to be transphobic? Like… sis whet? That was never in nor will it ever be so shut up and listen to how being ignorant towards trans-folks makes you a trash person. Imma keep it short and sweet so I promise I won’t hold you up for long.

Trans-folks identify with who they identify with. So, if someone is a trans-woman, then treat them with respect as the woman they are. If someone is a trans-man, then treat them with respect as the man they are. Calling them out of their respective pronouns make you an ignorant and trash person. Thanks for coming to my TED talk! But no for real, trans lives matter! PERIOD! Without trans folks, we wouldn’t have the ballroom scene. There wouldn’t be new makeup looks and styles. Believe it or not, lots of trans-folks are the masterminds behind many things. As for the gays and gworls, Marsha P. Johnson, a transwoman threw the first brick at Stonewall to fight for our rights as a community so don’t disrespect your own kind. Know where you came from!Staring The Fout

I don’t know why I must write about such things, but it has to be said because some of y’all are legit trash. TRANSWOMEN ARE NOT SEXUAL OBJECTS!!! A lot of you weirdos see transwomen as sexual objects. They are not your piece of taboo, they are actual people. Please respect them and treat them as so!

Lastly, if you want to give up your transphobic ways I can help you. Always remember that transmen and transwomen are actual human beings just like you and aren’t your sexual object nor are they something else. Treat them with the same respect as you would treat your grandparents. Don’t deny them a job, place to stay or just don’t deny them at all just because you’re transphobic. Shoot, they maybe able to teach you a few things on improving your looks and your life. Educate kids and teens of all ages that yes, trans-folks exist and yes, treat them with respect.

And DON’T refer to them as “trannies” unless you want that smoke with me! That’s that on that!Kris Jenner Holding Gun

If any trans-folks find this disrespectful or I am misinformed, please educate and correct me so I can get others to do the same. If you know someone who needs to see this, don’t hesitate to share it with them.

In the words of Lynntesha Roberts,

“Stay in your lane, Stop Swervin”

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