Dear Racist YT People

Dear Racist/Uneducated White Folks,

Today I have gathered you here to tell you about:

  • How ignorant your outdated way of thinking affects everyone that’s not white.
  • Why it’s not okay to mock us and say the N-word.
  • How you can throw away your outdated way of thinking.

First, let me start off by saying stop being racist. That’s pretty much all there is to it! Not no fancy way of learning, just don’t be racist. I don’t know why that’s so hard for y’all. The way y’all think puts not only my life at risk, but it puts all people of color at risk. You think that anyone that’s not white and breathes in the general vicinity is out to get you when we’re just minding our business. Y’all use your white privilege for all the wrong things. The sad part is that y’all know white privilege exists and y’all play dumb when we come with receipts of you using your white privilege.

Fake News
Y’all Racist White Folk’s Reaction To Getting Called Out On Your White Privilege

Y’all love to say how racism ended a long time ago when it still exists today. It just evolved into modern-day slavery. I don’t think y’all like to see anyone black or anyone of color to succeed because it makes you feel like as a racist, you haven’t been doing your job. It pains you even more when we even do anything to improve ourselves and the society. It’s sad!


Whether you’re just a racist or you’re racist and uneducated, there is no reason to mock us nor call us the n-word. Y’all love to do blackface and say you were playing or say it’s a costume. Y’all love to say the n-word and when we call you out on it y’all say “It’s just a word, why can’t everyone say it?” well because these things have negative connotations if you weren’t aware (you probably are aware). Blackface has been used in racist ads back in the day. Hell, there are still some ads today that mocks blackface!



As for the n-word, y’all can’t say it because y’all yt ancestors used the word “nigger” to violate us and be demeaning towards us… Just don’t say it at all. If we can hold back cursing in front of our parents, then you can stop yourself from saying the n-word.

It is also not okay to tell people of color to “go back to your country”. If you feel so strongly that I should go back to my country… then why did y’all bring us over to “your” country? This highkey not even your country is we’re being open and honest. It’s the Native American’s land. All fax no printer!


If you want to be a racist no more… then just stop being racist. Stop calling us derogatory names. Stop doing blackface. Stop not hiring amazing employees because you don’t want our kind in your company. Stop saying “go back to your country” to every person of color. Stop using your white privilege for selfish and ignorant ways and use it to help people of color. Thanks for coming to my TED talk!

If you know someone who needs to see this, don’t hesitate to share it with them.

“Stay in your lane, Stop Swervin”

– Lynntesha Roberts

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