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Mutants Are the New Black

No matter what skin color you are, you must know about the history of slavery and mistreatment of people of color in America, specifically black people. When you take a closer look… mutants in Marvel Comics are treated the same freaking way!

So, one of the comic series that I didn’t get into until recently was The Uncanny X-Men originally written by Stan Lee and illustrated by Steve Ditko (read this article). Honestly… I don’t know why I am just now getting into it because this is amazing work! But as I’ve been reading, I started to notice that people in these comic issues aren’t too fond of mutantkind. Same way some folks of the caucuses are to the black community.



Malevolence and Benevolence

Just like we’ve had MLK and Malcolm X, they have Charles Xavier (Professor X) and Max Eisenhardt (Magneto).

Professor X is everyone’s bald fave that shares the similarity of taking the peaceful approach like my good mans King. The peaceful approach works WONDERS honestly! But just like all peaceful protest and professionalism, it isn’t a guaranteed, 100% full-proof plan to equality among us and Wypipo America. In the comics, it’s equality among the ignorant mutant-hating walkers and the mutants. Regardless, I stan both because I respect how they approach things without laying a finger on ignorant folks. In my opinion, I feel like these guys treat Wypipo and humans like they’re their haters (lol) and I live for it!



Magneto and Malcolm X followers are the beat-a-b*tch type people who will beat the correctness into others (which I’m here for too because I stay on a hundred). Magneto sees mutant-haters as “inferior homo sapiens” because let’s be honest… What regular human can go toe-to-toe with Magneto? I’ll wait! But anyway both Malcolm and Magneto had an experience where the peaceful approach ain’t work, so they took matters into their own hands. Literally!



The Freakshow

Other than being used and seen as inferior and slaves, we were also seen as freaks of nature… and in this case, a circus freakshow. And yes, I’m talking about Sarah Baartman if you were confused. Sarah was put on display as a freak show for people and circuses because of her thicc buttocks. Yes, I said buttocks (lol). Since it was something most wypipo did not have, they were shocked and the white women at the time were full of jealousy so they put her on display. Same thing with Blob. Despite becoming a villain, later on, Blob was a circus freak show. His mutant ability to stand his ground and bounce things off of his fat rolls made him a sought-out person minus the person part.

Uncanny X-Men Issue #3 Page 7
Sarah Baartman
Sarah Bartmaan

Kill All Mutants… Or Black People

Next up is the comparisons between corrupt police and Sentinels. We all know about the saying “f*ck 12”, and it stems from the unqualified and clearly racist cops abusing their authority. We know how the majority of these pigs are the ones who commit the real crimes and get away with it. In a way, the Sentinels are just like them. They were created to detain and take the peaceful approach with mutants. Instead, they kill any mutant. Sounds realistically familiar to modern-day pigs right?! Ugh, the similarities are “uncanny” (only the real will get this joke)!

When you take an inside look at the corrupt cops, you see that some of them only answer to specific lieutenants and captains to carry out deeds such as planting drugs on others and doing lowkey drug deals. The Sentinels answers to Master Mold, the head b*tch in charge who tell them to just kill and carry out these deeds, going against their creator Trask’s orders not to. I swear this is wild bro. Both corrupt cops and Sentinels feel like that their above reproach and that’s the reason they abuse their power because no one checks them!

Black People vs Other Minorities

Let’s talk about one of the real issues here, which is some POC and people of different ethnic backgrounds using their privilege to not involve themselves with us black people. We are LITERALLY treated like the minority when highkey we all are. Some people of different ethnic backgrounds exploit black people for their own gain (check any non-black nail salon in black neighborhoods for reference). Just as we are exploited and left out, so are the mutants with the Inhumans. The Inhumans are a group of mutant-like people in the comics. The X-Men make sure they avoid issues with them to avoid more collateral because nobody wins when minorities fight in the midst of wypipo or mutant-haters. In the comic series “Inhumans vs X-Men” the X-men has a choice to fight the Inhumans or sit back and die to this mist that kills mutants. I’ll rather fight than die at the hands of something that is used to exploit our weakness.

The Finale

After preaching all of this and you not seeing any of the celebrities, please hit my dms so I can educate you on it. If you are an ignorant Caucasian (note how I said ignorant because not all are ignorant), please refer to my “Dear Racist YT People” post. If you read the comics and/or watch the X-men movies and peeped a similarity, be sure to comment below. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog for more content like this!

Stay Gay and Geeky,


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