Spotlight: Derrick Bynum

What’s up guys, gays, and gworls! If you’re tuned in to the GeekedT podcast, then you know how much I bring this amazing person up. This person is THE great Derrick Bynum or as his stage name, DXRYK!23D2D952-7F51-47B2-A5A1-E164CE724E91

Derrick is a 21-year old hailing from the great city of Detroit, MI while attending the ILLUSTRIOUS Bethune-Cookman University as a music major and a theatre art major. He also has an immaculate word library, so you learn something new in every conversation. Yes, my school creates amazing people so if they attend or graduate from here then you’re in for greatness. Jumping back to Derrick, he is a part of a member of the world-renowned Bethune Cookman University Concert Chorale that takes it chorale singers and develops them as great students through the power of music. He is also a member of Epicurean Fashion Experience Incorporated where they create an environment for students, professionals, entrepreneurs to become more effective in the fashion industry.

Derrick has said that his connection to the fine arts and fashion has been strong and been forever growing. He also has a passion for mental health and wellness which is key and vital to everyone’s life! He made it his personal mission to spread the message of self-love and mental wellness. If you don’t believe this, go listen to his song “Love Yourself”. A bop honestly!

Speaking of bops, this man has an AMAZING voice! He sings and writes his own songs and has an amazing project out called “Lessons from the Good Vibe Gurus”, a short EP that builds off his message of self-love. All the tracks radiate good vibes energy (GVE, let’s replace BDE with this) and touch on the aspects of going from feeling lost to feeling great and loving yourself for who you are in all your glory.

I asked Derrick where he sees himself in five years and he said “In five years I plan to still be performing and Working my way through my career field. Predicting exactly how I see things is difficult because I believe in divine spontaneity. Sometimes you have things all figured out, but life may take a different turn.”

He left us off with the with a good quote:

“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”

  • Samuel Beckett

Stream Lessons from the Good Vibes Guru which is available on Apple Music, Spotify, TIDAL. And the full EP on Soundcloud! Also, follow him on Instagram and Twitter!

Stay Gay and Geeky,


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