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DC and the Universe That Matters

What’s up guys, gays, and gworls! I’m back at it like a crack addict with some good news for you DC Comics fans and the grown-up kids like me!

DC Comics has released their AMAZING streaming service called DC Universe, the one-stop shop that’ll capture your attention right from the home page. DC Universe has a good-ahh library full of movies, tv shows, and comics.

From the first Superman movie released in 1978 to their current movies, THEY. HAVE. IT. ALL! Last Thursday I enjoyed thoroughly watching “The Death of Superman” which was the remake of the comic storyline and the 2007 animated movie version. I think the only reason I like watching Supes get beat down is that he’s very vanilla to me (no you cannot change my mind no matter what story arc I read) and the appearances at the end! I also spent a Saturday re-watching the old Batman movies.2018-09-20

Ugh, Batman and Robin is a fave! Mostly because Mr. Freeze is a fave villain of mine.Mr. Freeze

Only movies that this app doesn’t offer are the DCEU live-action movies (but they’re all trash except “Wonder Woman” and “The Dark Knight”) due to contracts signed with HBO. Nonetheless, there is still a wide variety for you to watch during your movie nights!

I’m not afraid to admit this, but them having all four seasons of Static Shock available in the tv section was their selling point to me. I legit watched the entire series over the course of the first four days of release. In their tv section, they have tons of binge-able content backing all the way to “The Adventures of Superman”. They even have everyone’s fave show “Young Justice”!TV Shows

Speaking of that amazing show, they’re releasing a season 3 along with other DC Universe Originals. They’re kicking off their original series with “Titans”, a show with an interesting take on them. Side note: No, that show is not supposed to be a freaking remake of the animated “Teen Titans”, it’s a separate show and you’re getting your season six so let’s chill out and just hope that Starfire’s fur coat isn’t apart of her costume. They’re releasing live-action tv original series such as “Swamp Thing”, “Stargirl”, and “Doom Patrol”. One animated original I can’t wait for is the Harley Quin series! Ugh, many reasons to love DC!

For many subscribers, they saw this as their comic version of Marvel Unlimited. Those people were VERY disappointed. As of right now, the comic section of the service is lackluster. For the most part, the comic section has a good amount to introduce new readers but is lacking for bigtime DC Comic stans. Seeing as though the streaming service is cheap and offers other delicacies, it’s not surprising that it’s lacking. But I’m also holding them accountable in the future to offer more than this because I need my run of Ted Kord’s Blue Beetle and Kyle Rayner’s run as Green Lantern ASAP no Rocky!Comics

If you are a DC Comics stan, then there is a section full of forums where every stan can talk and debate peacefully without Marvel haters (I love Marvel too, but some people are just… whew chile) butting in with their 2 cents. Everyone there are very friendly and it’s a great place to discuss your favorite tings.

Lastly, they have an immense encyclopedia that features almost every single hero, villain, and team with detailed information on them. Say for example you want to read up on Hawk and Dove (in my top 3 fave heroes btw). This index gives you origins, powers, comic issues they’ve appeared in, and information relative to them. Any person who’s not included in the library can be entered by the community. No, not on some Wikipedia-ish but more of them pulling well-informed stans to fill it out.

DC Universe as a whole streaming service is great and has so much future potential, especially when some contracts with companies outside Warner Bros expire. The Originals that they are releasing is also very promising and I for one cannot wait for “Swamp Thing”! An r-rated mix of horror, action, and romance directed by THE James Wan, the king of horror movies. Freddy Krueger is SHOOK! If you’re a DC stan or you want to get into it then join DC Universe! The subscription is $8.99 a month, $74.99 for the gals who only do annual memberships.

Stay Gay and Geeky,


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