Spotlight: Philip Johnson

Hey guys, gays, and gworls! It feels like forever since I’ve written a post. Today I am spotlighting Philip, the creator of everything Philaye Films.

Philip Johnson is a black and queer creative from the great Detroit, Michigan that currently resides in New York City. Philip started Philaye Films on YouTube nine months ago after doing a lot of work with his old blog Philayee’s World. He talked about how he made the big move to New York and started working towards the things written in his journal. Had he not made that move, we wouldn’t have the amazing show created by him called “Black Sex & the City”!

I got the opportunity to ask him a few questions about Philaye Films and his show “Black Sex & the City”

GeekedT:  What is it like to be a queer creative and how do you plan on using your influence?

Philip: It’s so fun! I want to utilize my platform and influence to carve a space for LGBTQ film creatives to sustain themselves financially in the field of their passion– after all, that is all I truly want for myself. So, I want to help us as a community to collaborate to get each other there. I believe that this is accomplished through talent. Us LGBTQ creatives simply must create art so compelling that no one could deny its greatness. We must bring our A game and show out. 

GeekedT: What pushed you to create Black Sex & The City?

Philip: Black Sex & The City was initially just going to be a little YouTube talk show with my friend, Rochelle, where we discussed fun topics about dating in New York City. For Episode 2, though, I randomly thought of a little 1-minute skit while showering, and when we dropped it everybody demanded more. I knew I was onto something, so I bought a camera and the rest has been history.

GeekedT: Your show [Black Sex and the City] has a message behind it every episode. How do you figure out which issues are video-worthy?

Philip: Many factors such as relatability, feasibility, humor, technology, creativity, my own comfort levels, etc., weigh in. The ‘STD’episode, for example, was quite uncomfortable since I know people naturally assume that art imitates life, even when it’s fictional art (never experienced an STD in real life). It was LGBTQ Pride Month, though, so the message of knowing your STD status felt too important to shy away from– especially with the heightened HIV/AIDS risks in the LGBTQ community. I like for every topic to contain some level of necessary risk. I enjoy testing the bounds with my shows’ topics.

GeekedT: What were your favorite episodes to film?

Philip: Hmmm that’s hard! I would say the ‘Bi’ episode, and‘(TOP)xic Masculinity’. Bi was fun because it’s before I took this so seriously. I randomly thought up a short, funny script in the shower and my friend and I filmed it with my iPhone. Those were simpler times. Now my stress levels are through the roof at shoots because the operation is more complex. (TOP)xic Masculinity was fun because it was so spontaneous. We were supposed to film a completely different episode that day; my (TOP)xic Masculinity script wasn’t even finished nor good yet. An actor cancelled as my other team members arrived, so we had to improvise and just figure it out as we went. My fans now still think that is one of my funniest episodes, and I had to improvise it. That’s raw creation.

GeekedT: What do you have in store for Julian and the rest of the cast for your show?

Philip: I won’t give any spoilers, but Julian’s journey as asocial media influencer will play an important role in his love life developments. And of course, as always, many surprises are in store!

GeekedT: Your new episode was on cyber clout and it highlights how these “social media influencers” will go above beyond to maintain their image. How does that affect people today?

Philip: I believe this makes the population very conscious of numbers and their effects on everyday life in our capitalistic society. The key is to not let that affect your self-love or self-awareness. Real life is a deeper experience than online; living in the now is a beautiful art.

GeekedT: Any upcoming projects for Philaye Films?

Philip: Episode 7 of Black Sex & The City’s 2nd Season! Stay tuned for the next film!

GeekedT: Where do you see yourself and your platform within the next 5 years?

Philip: I see myself being limitless. I plan to be creating, directing, producing, writing and acting for shows and movies. I see myself still owning my own business. I have a business degree from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, and I will always utilize my business mind set to the art world’s advantage. Creating and sharing is my passion.

Be sure to check out his YouTube channel along with other social media platforms.

YouTube: Philaye Films, Inc

Twitter: @PhilayeFilms

Instagram: @philaye

Also, be sure to stay tuned for the new and improved GeekedT coming January 2019!

Stay Gay and Geeky,


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