Dear... LGBT

Dear Homophobes, My Sexuality is NOT a Choice

This post is ninety percent serve/educational lesson to a specific person and the other ten percent is for everyone else who think just like this. Yes, you know who you are so don’t act surprised that I’m writing this! Just know the shoe fits sis!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about by the obvious title then I’m here to tell you about how sexuality isn’t a choice. After learning it was more than one of you heteros that think like this, I thought it was best for me to address the issue here. I’m going to keep it brief and keep it cute.

If sexuality was a choice do you think all of us gays and gworls would actively choose to be apart of the LGBTQ+ community? With everything we faced and the even more horrible things we’ve faced in the past, why would we put ourselves in harm’s way? If it was a light switch that would make me straight or if it was like some type of hidden gene, best believe it would’ve been flicked up. You saying homosexuality is a choice is like saying it’s a choice being black. Like sis whet?

Secondly, why would I, a bi-sexual AND black male choose to be who I am? Being black is one strike on me. Being gay or bi-sexual is another strike on me. I’m legit two of the biggest things this country hates. People like me are always being talked down upon or becoming victims of hate crimes. With me having to constantly and carefully maneuver because of my skin color and who I like… it would be nice to just flick the hypothetical “straight” switch you think exists so that way I wouldn’t have to deal with a majority of the things I deal with. I wouldn’t have to live in fear, I could finally give into society’s heteronormative behaviors and live happily, and I could finally have a “normal” life.

Sorry to disappoint you sis… but life doesn’t work like that for me nor any of my other LGBTQ+ folks!

My last reason why homosexuality is not a choice. It’s scientifically proven that people are born a homo or a hetero. Thanks for coming to my TED talk!

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