Spotlight: Stevie of #DearYall

Hey guys, gays, and gworls! I’m back at it like a crack addict with a spotlight on a fave of mine, and it’s Stevie! Stevie is a co-host of HIM podcast, social media extraordinaire, and is recognized for his #DearYall! I’m so glad that I got the opportunity to introduce him to Y’all!

GeekedT: Where are you from?

Stevie: Iʼm from Long Island, New York.

GeekedT: How does it feel to be a black LGBT+ creative in today’s time?

Stevie: I have to say this is the best feeling in the world to be a black LGBTQ+ creative in today’s time. As a child, I’ve always had a creative imagination, whether it be it be me singing and dancing around the house or showing off my personality in a comedic way. I always knew I was creative.

GeekedT: Tell me about #DearYall. How did it come about and what inspires you to keep going forward with this?

Stevie: #DearYall is an advice segment I created so randomly. One day I was on Instagram and had created a regular PSA video to post due to me feeling some kinda way and I feel like the message I was delivering was definitely something everyone needed to hear hence the reason “YALL” is in the title. I have always been told I give out great advice and I should be using my personality to speak to the masses. One thing that really keeps me going is the fact I have been given so much great feedback on how my advice is helping people throughout their lives and how my personality brightens up their day.

GeekedT: Any future plans for #DearYall? If so, what are they?

Stevie: I really wanna see #DEARYALL become some form of a show, possibly one where I can just have people send advice questions and I use my personality to deliver them.

GeekedT: Besides #DearYall, most of us know you as one of the four cohosts on HIM Podcast. What is it like being a part of something like this?

Stevie: First of all, I wanna say how much I love and adore my other co-hosts on HIM. And to be completely honest being a part of something so amazing wouldn’t be amazing if you didn’t have your good and bad days. But we are so for making this project great that the good days definitely outweigh the bad ones. One thing I love about doing the podcast is that I can express myself in my very OWN way and not feel like I’m not being understood on my opinions and experiences and learning so much from them at the same time. Plus, being able to speak to OUR community is very important and a huge bonus.

GeekedT: Do you have any encouraging words tor the young and/or struggling LGBT+ creatives?

Stevie: I would tell my young LGBTQ+ creatives don’t ever think what you are doing isn’t amazing. If it comes from your mind it’s definitely amazing and there is no need to second guess that! Also, the way to the top is gonna be stressful but the reward you get for the hard work you put is gonna make it known you’re a SUPERSTAR and nothing and no one can dim your light!

You guys can check Stevie out on his social media and his YouTube channel down below!

YouTube: #DearYall

Twitter & Instagram: steviesofetch_

You can also catch him on HIM Podcast erry muf*ckin Wednesday!

Stay Gay and Geeky,


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