Spotlight: Savoy Jefferson of Eat Pray Thot

What’s up guys, gays, and gworls! I’m back it like a crack addict with a spotlight on a fave podcaster of mine, and his name is Savoy Jefferson from the Eat Pray Thot podcast!

GeekedT: Hey Savoy! What’s popping? How are you doing?

Savoy: You know I’m here, I’m queer lol! Just trying to be my best in this crazy world.

GeekedT: Where are you from, and how did you find your way to New York?

Savoy: I’m originally from Milwaukee, WI and I have lived in NYC for almost 10 years. I came here in June 2009 to pursue a career in the music industry. I actually moved here with a $1000 to my name and I talked my friend Torrie into letting me stay on her couch for 2 weeks that turned into 6 weeks lol! God Bless her!

GeekedT: What is it like being a gay and black creative? Do you think it has helped you grow and develop more as an individual?

Savoy: Honestly, I’m still getting used to this whole idea of being a black gay creative. I’ve been black and gay my whole life and wouldn’t have it any other way truly, honestly, but being a creative has been a new journey of sorts. I will definitely say it’s been fun to see my talents morph/develop over the last two years and to have folks tell me that I’ve inspired them. Being a black gay creative has for sure aided in my development as a whole. It’s helped me become more comfortable in my truth and how I showcase that truth to others.

GeekedT: Speaking of being a creative, you have a podcast called “Eat Pray Thot”. Can you tell the readers and I what it’s all about?

Savoy: The Eat Pray Thot podcast is a weekly show hosted by myself and my producer/Partner In Thot Amber where we interview a special guest usually black and brown creatives who usually identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community, but we let a few heteros on too lol! We discuss all the things that matter like career goals, religion, your mama’s mac n cheese, relationships and the greatness of f*cking! Overall, the goal is to tell unique stories that often aren’t told in the mainstream.

GeekedT: Okay, so one of my favorite episodes was episode 205 “The Inkwell” featuring Sean Torrington. In that podcast, the phrase “messy set” was said a LOT. Can you tell us all what a “messy set” is or what it means?

Savoy: Honestly, that’s Sean’s trademark phrase lol! But, I believe it is best described as someone who brings the drama and noise in a way that stirs up a conversation! A disruptor of sorts.

GeekedT: What were your top three favorite episodes and why?

Savoy: WOW…you are trying to get me in trouble! I would have to say Episode 206 Featuring Darnell L. Moore and Episode 216 With Candice Benbow because both of them spoke to my spirit as well as my current mental state honestly. Also, Episode 201 Featuring Max Konnor just because it was the first time, I had someone on the show who was in the middle of a controversy and had to challenge myself to ask the difficult questions while also remaining objective, but firm in my opinions at the same time.

GeekedT: What’s in store for “Eat Pray Thot” and your listeners?

Savoy: We are almost done with Season 2, so the season finale is coming up in a few weeks, which is going to feature a huge guest! I’m also excited for Season 3, EPT merch and live shows all coming in the summer/fall of 2019.

GeekedT: What is a positive affirmation that you can leave for young LGBTQ+ creatives?

Savoy: Remember to enjoy life and have fun while creating. I think it is so easy to allow your passions to consume you and rule your life, which happens sometimes and is okay. However, it can’t and shouldn’t be your everything because life is about living! So go on vacation, meditate, work out, laugh with friends, pray and have great sex because it all ultimately contributes to your peace of mind as well as your creativity!

You can keep up with Savoy on:



You can listen to his podcast here: Soundcloud   Spotify   Apple Music


  1. Okay first of all that first pic is everythinggg! the chips, the squat, that unbothered attitude, love it ! Overall love the podcast, I’m definitely going to start watching this show. The question on the affirmation! I felt that “getting consumed by your passion”, but the “its okay” put me at ease. Anyways GREAT QUESTIONS! Can’t wait for the next podcast!

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