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Hey guys, gays, and gworls! I’m back at it like a crack addict with my review of Dc Comics ‘DCeased’ storyline.

DCeased takes place when Darkseid plays with forces even beyond him to acquire the Anti-Life Equation. For those of you who don’t know, the Anti-Life Equation is a mathematical equation strong enough to rid beings of their free will in the DC Universe. Darkseid combines death and the mother box inside of Vic Stone (Cyborg) to gain the power to the ALE (Anti-Life Equation), and things instantly shift when it activates. The ALE combined with death created a techno-organic virus that is out to make everyone that is under its control kill everything else. Now everything is up to the remaining heroes and villains to save the world, and on a bigger scale, the universe from impending doom.

When it was first announced I was a bit skeptical to read it solely based off thinking it would be just like ‘Marvel Zombies’ (in a small way it is). But it turned out to be a new take on zombie outbreaks in comics. Like… they aren’t zombies, but they’re also not alive either. It’s such a weird concept to explain, but I can guarantee it’s different.

We’re currently 5 issues in (4 issues of the main story and 1 of ‘A Good Day to Die’) with a few more to go, but so far this is shaping up to be a great storyline that

DCeased Issue #1:

Without getting too into in-depth and spoiling it, issue number one started off great! It was a great way to set the stage and display the motives of the main villain. What I didn’t like about it is that the middle of the issue seems to be a bit rushed. In my opinion, there should have been at least another page or two to keep a steady speed on the story.

DCeased Issue #2:

Issue number two really sets the tone of what direction this plot is taking. The remaining heroes and villains alike begin to deal with their own demons, literally and physically. Meanwhile, the others are there feeling helpless, even Superman. I wouldn’t really say Superman feels helpless, but he’s is sort of the only hope anyone has of surviving this techno-virus epidemic. Even with the others offering to help, Superman makes it his own mission to save the people so he himself doesn’t feel powerless in this time of need. Also, won’t say who, but one heroine gets an upgrade.

DCeased Issue #3:

Issue number three dives right into the plot (literally) and shows us how the rest of the world outside of Metropolis is dealing with this. We are also shown Superman to continue this un-winnable fight and loses all hope after seeing something that has brought himself even more pain. Even the man of steel can bend sometimes. As an anti-Superman fan, I personally enjoyed seeing Supes fail, but I also empathized with him and his battle to fight on for the greater good.

DCeased Issue #4

This issue was the one that made sure that just like the remaining heroes and villains knew, we knew that things were looking grim and the fight seemed like a lost cause. Even with the combined forces of the remaining few, things just seemed to be over… Issue number four is pretty explosive.

I would talk about the ‘Born to Die’ (word to Lana) issue but that would be a spoiler in itself, so I’ll keep quiet.

If zombies are your thing or you’re just interested in reading a short standalone series, then you should definitely check these issues out. Seeing as though this standalone series is short, you should be able to pick up the books, indulge in them, AND be caught up for issues 5 and 6.

DCeased is available on ComiXology and DC Comics Online while the physical copies are available in your nearest comic shop.

Gay and Geeky,


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