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The Revamp is HERE

Hello guys, gays, and gworls! I’m back at it like a crack addict with some good news!!! For those of you who are new or just didn’t know, I started a podcast along with the blog. I fell off HEAVY!

When I started, I really had no direction of where I was going or what route I was going to take. I burned out with work, blogging, school, recording, editing, AND promoting all by myself. This in-between time from last year and now has opened my eyes as to what route I was taking not only my blog but also the podcast. I also gained friends and associates that began to help lighten my load when it comes to promoting, editing, and some other endeavors. Shoutout to my friend Myzair, shoutout to Stevie from HIM Podcast, and major shoutout to everyone who has given a great word of encouragement!

With that being said, I want to let y’all know that not only is GeekedT Blog back, but so is GeekedT Podcast!!! This time with new material, new jokes, AND a new co-host!

Introducing my good Virgo brethren, Kavon Burton.

Kavon is an up and coming photographer who indulges in all things gay and geeky just like me. Whatever I can’t bring to the table best believe Kavon will. Want to know more about Kavon? Check out his Instagram and his photography page too.

Kavon and I will be giving y’all the weekly tea on what’s new, what’s poppin’, along with our insight on some of our views towards these things. We’re even going to be bringing on guests! Not every episode of course, but whenever there’s someone within the geekdom.

GeekedT Podcast will be returning November 1st with its first episode of a new season! Be sure to subscribe here for all things gay and geeky along with news involving the podcast. Tell your friends, family, heck, even your co-workers who would enjoy this content about GeekedT. Be sure to follow on Twitter and Instagram. #geekedt

Also be sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter!

Gay and Geeky,


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