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First Wives Club… But Black

Hey guys, gays, and gworls, I’m back at it like a crack addict with a review on a BET+ called First Wives Club!

First Wives Club is the blackest of black adaptations of the 1996 original with the Caucasians. Granted the original cast was all white it was still an iconic movie, nonetheless. We follow the new group of girls in their 30s post-college lives.

Ari Montgomery (Ryan Michelle Bathe) is assisting her husband in the current election with little to no recognition for it, let alone the sex she deserves! Alexa, play “Broken P*ssy” by Issa Rae. Bree Washington (Michelle Buteau) is a podiatrist barely managing herself all while caring for her two devil kids. Her husband who isn’t her husband but technically her husband but isn’t because he’s just there works with her to care for the kids but also works her last nerve ever since he cheated. Hazel Rachelle (Jill THEE Scott) is trying to make music and allow her cheating husband Derek (Malik Yoba) to let her put it out. Things for the friend group shifts when Hazel has her song leaked. She starts to gain fame and her career back but also is losing with her earnings and belonging due to everything being under his name. Will Hazel come out on top of this? Will Bree finally let go of that cheating man? Will Ari finally say “f*ck it” and get the dick she deserves?

This show takes us on a comedic journey of these three characters’ lives and how they’re growing as a group and as individuals. We see the black girl magic thrive in each character as they come into their own! Every single one of these women gaining their independence back all while doing the darn thing is honestly quality tv. Seeing as though Tracy Oliver, the co-director of Girls Trip was in the writers’ room gave me the reassurance that I needed before this came out to watch it. This show deserves all the praise that it gets and honestly deserves more praise. I will say that it’s not for everyone, but no matter who you are, you’re guaranteed to get tons of laughs from this television adaptation of First Wives Club!

First Wives Club season 1 is streaming now exclusively on BET+ for your viewing pleasure!

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