What did AHS do right with the first few seasons?

Hey guys, gays, and gworls! I’m back at it like a crack addict, and I’m here to talk about what went RIGHT with American Horror Story seasons 1-3! This is spoiler-free.

So, as you may know (hopefully) American Horror Story is on its ninth season by the name of “1984”. This season is not horrible… but I wouldn’t say great either. Over the past eight years, Ryan Murphy has overseen the American Horror Story franchise. American Horror Story “Murder House” was great, “Coven” was top tier, and “Asylum” was straight-up phenomenal! But after that, American Horror Story started to fall off each season. “Freak Show” became boring mid-season, “Roanoke” was new but not a good new, “Cult” was meh, and “Hotel” was literally “Murder House” but with vampires. To me, Apocalypse was a great refresher since it brought back some of our “Coven” favorites, along with some others.

So let’s make up a hypothetical scenario for a quick second. What IF Ryan Murphy hadn’t dropped season eight of American Horror Story? What if Apocalypse didn’t exist? What if American Horror Story ended with Coven? Would you, as an American Horror Story fan be fine with just seasons 1-3? Because I know I sure would, and I’m going to tell y’all why!

Murder House

American Horror Story “Murder House” was the very first of its kind on tv (I could be wrong so don’t fact check me). Murder House gave you a good plot that developed greatly each episode along with good characters. Yes, the cast for this was spot-on for the characters they played! Murder House also gave us the perfect amount of horror and thriller elements to have us jump a little. It also gave us the best scene that had made this vine video great.

From the constantly developing plot, good cast choices, the right amount of tv horror (of that year), and the iconic “you’re all I want” vine, Murder House showed us that American Horror Story was here to stay, and for good!


Fast forward to season two of American Horror Story, “Asylum.” There’s not much to say about Asylum except that it was just bomb!!! Ryan Murphy took horror, supernatural beings, thriller, and sci-fi and meshed it all together to create a near-perfect season. Asylum took everything that I loved and put it all into one. I know I’m going to get dragged for this, but Asylum was the best season hands down! I wish I could say more, but then it would be spoiling the season.


Lastly, we have American Horror Story “Coven.” This season solidified its number two spot for the sole reason of casting. We had Jessica Lange, Emma Roberts, Gabourey Sidibe, Sarah Paulson, and Angel THEE Stallion Bassett! Whoever was in charge for this season knew what the f*ck they were doing with this all-star cast. Aside from that, Coven divulged more into the magical realm by making this season centered around witchcraft and hoodoo in modern-day New Orleans, Louisiana. It also touched on slavery and racism without straying too far away from the plot.

If they ended it after that, I would like to think that the world would still revolve at the same rate. Because whenever you hear someone bring up American Horror Story you only really hear about “Murder House”, “Asylum”, “Coven”, and “Apocalypse” (we don’t count “Freak Show” as a worthy contender for the fifth slot.

Final Verdict?

My question that I have yet to answer is what makes these seasons so much different from the other seasons? To answer that I feel as though Ryan and everyone on his teams wasn’t as focused nor did they care too much about the plot. Like yes, they had to care somewhat for it to still hit television so people can eat it up, but it really seemed like lazy writing to me. Like why kill [redacted] halfway through the season of “Freak Show” when you could have had him for a couple more episodes before [redacted] stepped in? Why make the season of “Roanoke” a show inside of a show? Why did the season of “Hotel” give us “Murder House” but with vampires? Did they have Lady Gaga in to save the show’s ratings? After seasons of ghosts, magic, vampires, and other supernatural entities, why did we get a season with none of that in “Cult”?! Riddle me that.

This post is just a long rant of my opinion and to let full-on “Coven” stans realize that it’s ok for its season to sit at number two while “Asylum” reigns supreme. Ok, that’s it and that’s all!

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