Love at First Night: A Show for Us by Us

Hey guys, gays, gworls! I’m back at it like a crack addict with a review/spotlight on a fave web series of mine, and it’s called ‘Love @ First Night.’

Love @ First Night’ is a SlayTV original web series following the story of two men who fell for each other almost instantly (hence the name of the show). Throughout the series the two lovebirds Spencer and Jayden are met with mess, drama, and challenges that they must internally face if they want their relationship to work out. The show has characters that tons of queer black men can relate to. They cover ghosting, abuse, mental illness, amongst a few other important things that make the web series a must-watch for people in our (black and LGBTQ+) community!

After the original release of season one the ‘Love at First Night’ fandom began to grow exponentially! I remember a good friend of mine put me on to the show mid-season two. After episode one of the first season, I was HOOKED! I legit binge-watched all the way through up until I joined the fandom in the waiting games. Ever since then, I kept up with not only the show but the actors and writers of the show.

This show was written and directed by the great Terry Torrington, co-founder of SlayTV who also plays a character by the name of Ian. One of the main characters Spencer was played by the great Kyle Price. Kyle is a model and an actor with many other credentials under his belt. Next up we have Spencer’s counterpart Jayden played by Ramad Carter who’s a trained actor. They also have an all-star lineup of other actors that play big roles in Spencer’s and Jayden’s love life.

After almost a two-year wait we finally got season 3 which was well worth the wait! The acting, the story, the production… the EVERYTHING jumped up in quality! Can we stan for that? We’re three episodes into this last and final season and I’m not ready for this show to end!

If you have not watched ‘Love @ First Night’ then you certainly need to ASAP!!! Seasons 1 and 2 are on both on YouTube and the SlayTV app while season 3 is exclusively airing on the SlayTV app. Be sure to keep up with the series by following their official Twitter page!

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Gay and Geeky,


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