The Life of Me

Dear Mom and Dad…

Dear Mom and Dad,

So here I am, getting all emotional and writing y’all a letter. Well first things first, I love you! Things may not always go the way I expect it to go and y’all are always there for me. I may not speak to you often, but best believe if anything was to happen, I would be there for y’all. I know growing up in a not-so functional household and moving from place to place was a lot for my sensitive yet emotional son to handle, but at least you guys always did your best to care for me, and I didn’t appreciate that enough. Mom, I want to thank you for being there to help guide me through my emotions. Although we didn’t always hit the mark you’ve always been there to get comfort and console me. When I came to you about my depression you didn’t push it off as just another prayer situation and as something that I’m constantly battling with. You’re always motivating me to do better, and I love that. You’ll always say, “as long as you have a plan I support’ and I really cannot thank you enough for supporting me. You never looked down on me whenever I failed, you just encouraged me to be better. You’re always there for me and I love you! You deserve the world. Dad, I want to thank you for being there to keep it real with me and keep me grounded! We may have not seen eye-to-eye on everything or always get along, but you were always there for me as I got older. I still remember being MORTIFIED to come out to you. I honestly thought that was the end of my life, but you were there and supported me. I know I joke with Keishera about your long lectures that sometimes go on to be rants but I hear everything you say. Everything you’ve said has stuck with me. Even now when I make mistakes you help guide me out of it. I haven’t always been as vocal as I should’ve been in a few conversations, and I do apologize, but you have shown me that I can be more vocal. Even through the rocky years, you have got better with being a better father, and I love that you put the effort in. As I’m writing this I’m crying! Y’all showed me that it’s ok to be flawed, something that I struggled with. There’s so much more that I want to thank you guys for and so much more that I want to say, and in due time I will. I love y’all with my whole heart and I cannot wait for y’all to see me become successful! You’ll be proud of me; I can guarantee it! I’d hate to lose you guys, so you’re not allowed to die lol. I’m glad to have you guys as parents! I could never replace you guys and I wish someone would step to y’all!


Your son Mike Jr me


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