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The Mandalorian

Hey guys, gays, and gworls! I’m back at it like a crack addict with a review on the Disney+ original The Mandalorian!


“After the fall of the Empire, a lone gunfighter makes his way through the lawless galaxy”

What is a Mandalorian?

Aside from the great Pedro Pascal playing the Mandalorian, not much is known about what The Mandalorian is about or who he is. For those who may not know, a Mandalorian is a race of people from the planet Mandalore, a planet full of constant war that bred some of our favorite and known bounty hunters. Two of the well-known Mandalorian bounty hunters we know of are Jango Fett and his son Boba Fett (a genetic clone from his DNA). Boba Fett was the first Mandalorian we seen on screen from the original trilogy (Episodes 4-6 of the saga) and Jango Fett was seen in episode 2 of the saga. If Pedro’s Mandalorian is anything like Boba or Jango, he’s surely a threat to not take likely!

This movie takes place five years after Return of the Jedi and twenty-five years before The Force Awakens

There’s not much said about what The Mandalorian is completely about but based on the first two episodes it’s safe to say this is about his journey with a baby Yoda. That’s right, A BABY FREAKING YODA!!! He’s so adorable!

Baby Yoda seems to be a pretty big deal to Pedro’s character. I REALLY cannot wait to see where this story is headed because I want to know who this baby Yoda is! It’s not baby Yoda, it’s just one of the younglings from his species, it just sounds better to say baby Yoda haha. I’m still formulating my theory on who he or she is, but some of these theories on baby Yoda are well worth the read/watch! You have a theory? Drop it below!

My Take?

The Mandalorian shows big promise! I cannot wait to see what Jon Favreau has in store for the rest of the season. I’m giving it a 7 out of 10, and that’s only because the audience and I really don’t know exactly what this is about. Once the story develops more, I’m sure I’ll come to love it more!

The Mandalorian is available on Disney+ to stream right now! Episodes 1 and 2 are currently available with new episodes released weekly! If you don’t know much about the Star Wars universe and you want to know more then watch the movies and Star Wars: The Clone Wars show. I’m definitely going to give these another watch.

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Gay and Geeky,


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