Flip Flop TV Show Screening Event

Hey guys, gays, and gworls! I’m back and my GAWD has it been an exciting weekend! I traveled to New York for some fun, but most importantly for the screening of Philip Johnson’s project Flip Flop TV Show!

If you don’t know who Philip is, then go on and check out my spotlight on him! Philip Johnson was born and raised in Michigan. He went to school at University of Michigan with an undergrad degree in business management. Little did he know, his next step in his life was going to take a turn for the best! Philip moved to New York for his career and figured he should get into his creative bag. With him getting in his creative bag was also the birth of Philaye Films, a place where he began to create his comedic projects to share with the world. Philip started the series Black Sex and the City as something he just wanted to do.

Later, he began to gain traction and an audience which was this man’s come up! Fast forward to now and Philip is in LA making big moves by giving birth to Flip Flop and going on tour for it too! His first stop? New York!

Philip and some of the cast showed up and out at the screening. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, the screening turned into a panel. Philip was joined on stage with Christopher Hill, the creator of Reality Check web series, as the moderator and Tyler B. Once everyone was settled in, we hopped into the discussion!

You may be thinking… what is Flip Flop? What is this upcoming show about? Flip Flop is an indie show that takes place in a world where conversion therapy can be administered through technology, and the main character Phil has the chip inserted in him at the age of eight. Fast-forward sixteen years later when Phil is living the good life when the chip begins to malfunction. Now Phil must fight this internal battle of who he really is and how to navigate his new life! This show has a touch of sci-fi and comedic relief while actively tackling real issues within the LGBTQ+ community.

During this panel, we learned more about the show, about Philip and his inspiration for the show, and more about the crew. We were told about some of the awkward moments that happened on set such as a few intimate and private scenes that’s hysterical, and I honestly can’t wait to see this on-screen because I just KNOW I’ll holler! We also were informed more of how the filming and the writing process for this was. We were also informed about the amounts of matching and camo clothing involved too haha.

Although we couldn’t see footage of the pilot episode, I was still glad to come out to the event because it was still a great turnout. I literally cannot wait for the show to drop Imma be so hype!!! Just because we didn’t get to see the pilot, doesn’t mean you can’t. If you’re in Detroit, Atlanta, or Los Angeles, you can secure your ticket to any of his next three screenings! The tour dates are listed below. Go and secure your tickets!

Also, if you want to support this project then you should donate to help push the project out because who actually enjoys giving labor to a baby longer than you should be? Here’s the link to donate.

Be sure to follow Philip and Flip Flop Instagram pages to stay updated on everything for this project! Also, be sure to subscribe to the blog for more posts and updates. If you don’t like reading as much, my co-host Kavon and I are on a podcast! That’s right, you can stream anywhere! Check out the podcast page.

Gay and Geeky,


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