Michael's Journal

What A Year

Hey guys, gays, and gworls! I’m back at it like a crack addict with an update on my life because whew, it’s been a journey! When I say a journey that doesn’t mean all bad things. Good things happened too, great things at that! But I just want to come to tell y’all what a year it’s been.

So this year started off rough! Going through it mentally, emotionally, and financially for the first couple of months was something that I really thought I could not bear. I threw in the towel and said “f*ck it”, because if things weren’t going right now then what makes me think things will go right for the rest of the year. Not only was I worried about that, but I was in a physical space that affected my mental and emotional health. I didn’t want to talk, I felt lazy, I didn’t want to work on anything GeekedT, and I had many moments where I almost quit my job or put myself in the position to possibly lose it. I emotionally felt like I was a burden to everyone and that I was doing more damage to my friends and family than myself. I was struggling to make ends meet with my money and was also making irresponsible purchases with my money. Nothing was going right AT ALL. But this is where the good part begins!

In June, I made a mental decision to make the move. I decided to move out of the environment I was in and start a new job to get myself back on my feet. I had a job offer in early July and that’s when I made my move. When I got to my sister’s place things seem to fall apart again but in a new location. Except this time, I was equipped to handle it. No matter how I felt, I pushed through! Whatever came my way, I persevered through.

 I’ve grown closer to my friend Elicia who I can now call my sister. I’ve met two friends, Myzair and Kavon, who I’ve grown closer to also. These three have been there for me when no one else was! Through my good times, my bad times, my rough spots. They’ve shown me that it’s ok to be emotional and vulnerable to them. They showed me that I shouldn’t settle for less when it comes to my circle and who I hang with. They gave me the motivation and inspiration to get back working on my blog and my craft. They were and still are my biggest fans! I’m actually crying while I’m typing this. I love these wh*res!!! I ride for these three.

Even though I’m still not in the place I want to be financially, I can say that I’m a thousand times better in all other categories of my life! My way of thinking has been expanded,But Im Here B-tch I’m now able to be vulnerable with myself and others, I got my little 4-pack back, and my platform has been growing since. There are many things that I went through that could’ve taken me out but I’m here! I’m proud of the person I am currently, and I can’t wait to see what 2020 has to offer for me!

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Gay and Geeky,


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