Spotlight: Bobby Ashley

Hey guys, gays, and gworls! I’m back at it like a crack addict with another Spotlight! Everyone, meet Bobby Ashley!!!

GeekedT: Hey, how are you doing today Bobby?

Bobby: I’m good man! Grateful to live to see another day!

GeekedT: Tell us a little bit about yourself? Where are you from? What do you do?

Bobby: I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Both of my parents are New Yorkers. At the age of seven, I caught the bug of falling in love with cinema, especially the black cinema. Now at the age of twenty-six, I’m a filmmaker (writer, director, and producer).

GeekedT: What got you into screenwriting?

Bobby: Writing has always been therapeutic for me ever since I was a kid. It has always allowed me to be free without any outside interruptions.

GeekedT: What was your very first project? How has that gotten you to where you’re at now?

Bobby: Back in high school, I wrote and directed my first short film titled “Thicker than Water.” A family drama based on true events. That project added fuel to the fire of taking more leaps and being fearless of making any new mistakes along the way.

GeekedT: You’ve worked on a show called The Ave. Tell me, how did you come up with that and how was it being able to produce it?

Bobby: Well, during my junior year of film school (Brooklyn College), I felt like an important piece was missing from the puzzle of digital content. And that piece was The Ave. Based in Brownsville, Brooklyn (my hometown), this series showcases a story about people trying to live and thrive in a world where opportunities are limited. So during the summer of 2015, with little to no money, I’d gathered a few of my film school friends, actors, and we shot the entire first season on my block. Two months later, season one was available on Youtube. Fast forward to 2019, both seasons are currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video with over 30 million streams. The power of building our own door, and not knocking on others for opportunities is endless.

GeekedT: What were some of your favorite parts and/or favorite characters from the show that you loved working on?

Bobby: It’s hard to pick one because this show holds such an enormous place in my heart. I love all of my characters but Stacy, played by Shaniqua J West, has definitely secured the number one spot.

GeekedT: How did it feel to bring that show to a close?

Bobby: In my Porsha Williams voice “who said that?”

GeekedT: Haha, well what can we expect from the next season?

Bobby: More twists and turns. This upcoming season is going to leave audience members on the edge of their seats. So the wait is definitely going to be worth it!

GeekedT: It seems that after you finished with season two of The Ave you hopped into working on your show Single Man Problems. Good work by the way. How were the writing, filming, and editing process for it?

Bobby: Creating “Single Man Problems” alongside my co-creator Robert McCullough has been an amazing experience so far. We both co-written and directed four episodes this season. Shot all eight episodes in six days. Our cast and crew were very efficient in getting the job done. I could’ve asked for a better team to work with on this project. After the positive responses, our series has received from festival audiences and sponsors, my producers and I felt strongly that the show deserved a genuine partnership with a special network and streaming platform. When Here TV approached us, everything clicked. We are proud and excited to partner with Here TV, a true media ground-breaker. 

GeekedT: Any new projects coming after season three of The Ave or are you going on a hiatus?

Bobby: No room for hiatus. Plenty of projects in the works. Plenty of levels to be reached so you just gotta stay tuned. Expect the unexpected.

GeekedT: What would be a word of advice you would give someone looking to do work in your field?

Bobby: Put more time into studying your craft instead of standing in line, waiting for permission. Stay ready to be ready. And growth requires making new mistakes.

Thank you for your time!

You guys can keep up with Bobby on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Gay and Geeky,


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