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Jujutsu Kaisen

Hey guys, gays, and gworls! I’m proud to introduce to y’all the first “Read With Me!” The first manga series we’ll be starting off with is Jujutsu Kaisen!

Jujutsu Kaisen is the story of how Yuji Itadori, a high school student, life turns around after an encounter with a demon and a cursed finger (I’ll get more into that).

The introduction arc places us at Sugisawa Municipal High School with Yuji, Iguchi, and Sasaki trying to summon spirits to answer their joking questions. All three are apart of the Occult Research Club in which a faculty member. Mr. Worm makes clear that Yuji shouldn’t be in. Yuji is challenged by Rugby coach. He wins and he doesn’t have to play rugby anymore. He loses and he must quit the Occult Research Club and stay on the rugby team. And yes, Yuji beat his coach with ease! He barely even tried! He visits his grandfather who dies shortly after and instead of being met with grief, he is met by Megumi, a student from Jujutsu High School. Megumi explains that the object that the Occult Research club was messing with needs to be turned over to him before something bad happens. Once Yuji hands over an empty box, Megumi realizes how much trouble Yuji’s friends are in if they unwrap the cursed object. Both Yuji and Megumi head to the school and his friends are under attack. Megumi uses his abilities to try and save Yuji’s friends. With one demon left and no more incantation time, Megumi fails at protecting them. Without thinking, Yuji swallows the cursed finger and temporarily becomes a strong demon himself and saves the day. And THAT is how this story is started.

The first chapter had me hooked! I’m not going to lie; I wish I had read the prequel which I had found out about halfway through chapter 3. Nonetheless, the Introduction Arc had a great way of introducing the characters and showing their real selves. It’s clear and apparent that after the death of Yuji’s grandfather that all he wants to do is protect the people he loves and cares about without having to suffer major casualties.

Without the demon power, he’s an above-average teenager. Like this man legit jumped through a window and kicked a demon on the FOURTH FLOOR with no issue. This man beat his coach’s rugby distance with no issue. This man is practically a parkour guy without the power. Gojo is teacher-like and so far, is the most sarcastic character in the series, and I live for it! Megumi seems to be too serious about a lot of things so as of right now he can choke. Nobara is such a country gal who was willing to do anything to leave the middle of nowhere. So if that meant becoming a jujutsu sorcerer and defeating demons, then sis was willing! She’s intelligent and quick on her feet. Yuji, Megumi, and Nobara makes up the only three from their class.

Speaking of power, I haven’t really got to a point where I can gouge the power scaling system, but I can break down the use of some powers. All Jujutsu sorcerers have cursed energy that flows through them. It’s pretty much magical power. With the cursed energy, they can expel it from their own body, use it to enhance their physical combat skills, or use incantations. A demon or cursed object can only be taken down by cursed power. Megumi summons shikigamis (servant spirits) using his shadow as a medium. Nobara transfers her cursed energy into objects to harm demons. I don’t know how strong these are against more powerful demons such as Sukuna.

Sukuna is the all-powerful demon from the Golden Age whose cursed fingers were cut off… all twenty of them. If they were to all be found and united, then as far as I know, it’ll spell big trouble for jujutsu sorcerers, if not, the end of everything. Yuji has already swallowed two of his fingers which automatically raises his power levels. It was also stated that Sukuna’s fingers were indestructible under all circumstances. So their plan is to find all twenty fingers, feed it to Yuji, and execute Sukuna (and Yuji) forever. I honestly feel as though there’s a Sukuna chapter or chapters out, and I cannot wait to read them!

If you want to join the conversation for next week, I’ll be reading the Cursed Womb arc, which takes place in chapters 6-9. I recommend that all manga readers should get into this series if you already haven’t ASAP.

I’ll be posting updates on where I’m at with my chapters. Follow the GeekedT page to keep up with my reading on Twitter and Instagram. I’ll be back next Tuesday to talk about the next arc!

Gay and Geeky,


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