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Demon Bear Saga

Hey guys, gays, and gworls! I’m back at it like a crack addict and my GAWD, I’m ready to hop into the conversation about them Demon Bear Saga!

When the New Mutants trailer dropped last week, there was still some remaining hype left over. After so many delays, we’re finally (hopefully) getting this movie in April! Once the trailer dropped, the die-hard fans began to theorize about which ‘New Mutants’ comic book story this is loosely based off, and almost everyone agreed that it was loosely based off the Demon Bear Saga. The Demon Bear Saga is a three-issue storyline (New Mutants 1983 Issues 18-20) that took place during the first run of ‘New Mutant’ comics.

The Cheyenne mutant Danielle (yes representation!!!) had a vision of her parents being killed by a bear and figured it to be true once her parents had disappeared. This happened prior to the saga. She also rambled on about a demon bear to the other mutants and no one paid it any mind due to it just being something that no one believed in. Fast forward to the beginning of the story arc, Dani has been training for a day like this. Homegirl pushed through, sported her war paint, her costume, with her weapon to smite the demon bear. Once she thought she had taken it down, the demon bear had awoken and had her sent to the hospital. Now, with her barely surviving on the operation table the rest of the new mutants must do their best to protect her from the demon bear who’s coming back to finish the job he started.

Sunspot (back when he was a POC), Magik, Magma, Karma, Cannonball, and Rahne were holding that hospital DOWN! They refused to let the demon bear get to their sis on the table. Illyana (Magik) learned more about her powers. Sis was rocking a new piece of armor towards the end of the saga. She put in that work and slew that bear with ease! She summoned the power of a thousand bad b*tches!

Having Rahne as the mental interpreter between the team and Dani made killing the bear so much easier. I was happy to see that killing the demon bear brought back Dani’s parents. I too thought they were dead, instead, they were just taken and transformed to be demons for the demon bear. Slaying it turned them back to normal.

After watching the trailer, hearing the theories, and reading the saga, I have to say that I hope there are more elements than just what we’ve seen in the trailer in the movie. Also seeing as though Claremont wrote this, I have to say I’m not surprised by how good it turned out!

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The Demon Bear Saga is available to read on ComiXology and Marvel Unlimited. New Mutants out in theaters April 3, 2020.

Gay and Geeky,


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