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Far Sector – Miss Lantern

Hey guys, gays, and gworls! I’m back at it like a crack addict and ready to show y’all who miss gworl is! Let’s get into this review of the Far Sector!

Well first, let me start off by saying that Gerard Way picked up the AWARD-WINNING sci-fi author N.K. Jemisin to help work on Far Sector. We have a black queen writing about another black queen in the DC universe. You love to see it! But let’s get back on topic. Far Sector takes place in the far reaches of space where investigations and crimes there are either unknown or heavily under wraps. The far sector the Guardians assigned her to is completely off the books. Lantern Mullein’s job is to investigate a murder in a place where murders have been unheard of for five-hundred years!

Jamal Campbell and N.K. Jemisin has created a character that fits the Janelle Monae aesthetic. They had admitted to drawing inspiration from Monae’s Afro-futuristic styles to create Lantern Mullein. Jemisin wanted to bring a black female character to the forefront of comics for once without making her feel like a side character. She wanted to bring more black women representation to comics so that one, little black girls can see themselves represented in comics as the main hero, and to two, branch out to do something different from the rest of the other DC characters. With it being about a lantern in the far reaches of space, Campbell was able to play around with the design of the ring and the costume more. This allowed him to separate Mullein from the rest of the corps with her own style while also keeping the main elements of a green lantern.

So far, were three issues into this 12-issue maxiseries and I’m loving every single bit of it!

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Far Sector is available to read on ComiXology or you can pick up a copy or two from your local comic book shop.

Gay and Geeky,


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