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Jujutsu Kaisen – Vs. Mahito Arc

Hey guys, gays, and gworls! I’m back at it like a crack addict with another ‘Read With Me’, and we’re diving headfirst into this review of the “Vs. Mahito” arc!

We picked up where we left off with a new character by the name of Junpei and a new curse to replace Jogo by the name of Mahito. Mahito approached Junpei, a kid who didn’t believe in the point of existence and emotion and tried his best to persuade him to join his cause. Of course, like all villains, we find out that Mahito and the other demons wanted to manipulate Junpei. Junpei has so much hate, dread, and anger that they wanted to use him to use that to their advantage. After Yuji became close to Junpei, the unexpected happens and Junpei goes on a rampage using one of Sukuna’s fingers to get rid of anyone he wanted dead. Before Junpei had a chance of figuring out if he wanted to join Yuji, he was quickly met with Mahito’s power as he met his demise. Now there’s just a joking Mahito and an angered Yuji left to fight each other, and my GOD was it great!

Mahito is a walking human-esque curse that’s easy yet difficult to explain. But I’m pretty sure that if you’ve been reading along or already read it then you know what I’m talking about. Mahito has the ability to take the human soul and morph a human’s physical body to anything that he desires. The majority of his transformations kill the human he touches almost instantly, but on the rare occasion that it’s not destroyed then he’s able to control the bodies like they’re a minion. With the introduction of Mahito, we’ve gained the honor of seeing a new domain expansion.

Every single domain expansion that I’ve seen is bomb as h*ll! I know it’s common sense to make their expansions match them, but I really love how their expansions are a living embodiment of their ability and personality. Had Mahito not gotten away and died, I would have been a tad bit upset at the fact that he’s such a goat character. This man can morph an army, toy with souls, and transform his own body into any shape he desires! I like his personality and he’s secured his spot in my book as a good villain.

I found it interesting how Mahito could not morph Yuji’s body because he has the spirit of Sukuna living in him. With Sukuna residing in Yuji, it also makes him one of the only people who can physically hurt him without room for repairing himself. Yuji was goat! But I can’t talk about these two without talking about Nanami!

Nanami is skilled, smart, witty, strategic, and is quick on his feet during a battle. Nanami is top tier in my book! This man not only fought Mahito alone and survived, but he fought him twice (with the help of Yuji the second time)! Nanami also treats Yuji as one of his own in my opinion. What I saw was a guardian beginning to take in a teen as his own apprentice who he wants to see grow and develop under their wing. Nanami has scolded, trained, and gave tips to Yuji. He also gives him personal advice and expressed concern for Yuji too. I hope to see more of Nanami in the upcoming chapters!

The short time that we’ve had Junpei, we’ve seen him grow from not caring about life to having a reason to see why life is worth living, and it’s all thanks to Yuji. Got to love that manga main character personality haha! We also got to see what his power is. Maybe not to its full extent but we certainly got to see some of it.

I’ll be back next Tuesday with my ‘Read With Me’ for Jujutsu Kaisen’s “Goodwill Event” story arc. Be sure to read along so we can discuss it. I’ve been looking for people to talk to about this manga, especially after hearing it get picked up for an anime release!!! But anyway, let’s chat on GekeedT’s Twitter or Instagram. If you’ve read the “Vs. Mahito” arc, then comment down below your favorite part of this story arc! Jujutsu Kaisen can be read on the Shonen Jump app or MangaRockPro.

While you’re here, be sure to check out GeekedT podcast where my co-host Kavon and I pour up some cups of wine while discussing all things “gay and geeky.” We’re currently on a break, but we’re coming back on February 28th with more content, more laughs, and more guests! Don’t be afraid to tell a friend or family member about us! You can follow Kavon on Twitter and Instagram.

Can’t wait for you guys to tune in for the next session of ‘Read With Me’ next Monday!

Gay and Geeky,

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