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GeekedT Update

Hey guys, gays, and gworls! I’m back at it with some good news about this week!

So last week I fell short upon my promise with posting, and I felt horrible about it. I was currently making sure my life was going right physically, mentally, and financially. I became so backed up with work, school, adjusting to my move, and GeekedT, all while trying to maintain relationships with my friends, family, and boyfriend. I became backed up and lost track of the work for my blog that I had to do.

Now that I’m back, you guys will be getting double the content this week! Two posts on Wednesday, one on Thursday, and one on Friday! Tomorrow will be the ‘Read with Me’ posts for Jujutsu Kaisen’s latest chapters, Thursday will contain the black hero of the week, and Friday will be a special post!

But don’t forget that the GeekedT podcast will also be back on Friday also! That’s right, we’re back at it like a crack addict with a great season for you guys! I cannot wait! Be sure to follow my co-host Kavon on Twitter and Instagram. Also, follow GeekedT on Twitter and Instagram for more future updates! If you have an auntie or uncle that would possibly find my content on-brand for them then you should refer them to Twitter or Instagram. If they’re not on those social platforms I for SURE know that they’re on Facebook. Follow us there! I have a big announcement coming next Friday.

Gay and Geeky,


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