Highlighting Black Heroes

Highlighting Black Heroes – Storm

Hey guys, gays, and gworls! I’m here to share a little black excellence with you today. Let’s get into the good sis Storm AKA Ororo Munroe!

Whether you read comics or not, everyone knows all about the bad b*tch weather goddess Storm, the weather witch. Storm’s first appearance was in Giant-Size X-Men #1 (May 1975) with a few other notable X-Men that we know today. She had a tough life growing up. Lost her parents, moved around Egypt a lot and had become a thief. She stole a ruby named “The Heart of Darkness.” That set off a chain reaction where she stopped a few people, met T’Challa, and coming into her powers right before joining the X-Men.

I hate when people call Storm the lightning girl because she is way more than that! Miss Ororo is an omega-level mutant with powers to match! Ororo can manipulate the weather to her will. That means she can not only conjure up storms and fog, but she can also manipulate the atmospheric pressure around her. Not only does this work on Earth but she also can do this on other planets. She’s able to do this and much more on a molecular level. She can even use it to change her outfit!

Get into the good sistren Ororo by checking her out in these comic book series:

  • Uncanny X-Men
  • Storm (2006)
  • X-Men Gold (2017)
  • House of X/ Powers of X (2019)
  • Marauders (2019)

Happy Black History Month,


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