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Altered Carbon: Season 2 Review

Hey guys, gays, and gworls! I’m back at it, and this time let’s talk about season two of the Netflix original Altered Carbon!

Anthony Mackie as Takeshi Kovacs

At the end of season one, Takeshi Kovacs “the last envoy” had finished solving the Bancroft case he was assigned to along with tying up some loose ends. He departed the sleeve he was in and inserted his DHF into a new sleeve to continue his journey to find his leader/lover’s stack, and that stack belongs to the infamous Quellcrest Falconer! Season two picks up three decades after his departure from Bay City where he’s hired by another Meth (upper-class people who have lived for centuries) and brought back into his stomping grounds in Harlan’s World in the promise of finding Quell.


If I’m going to keep it a “stack”, season two is nothing less than greatness! We got Anthony Mackie playing as Kovacs this season and Chris Conner’s role reprisal as everyone’s favorite A.I., Poe! Renée Elise Goldsberry also reprised her role as Quellcrest “about that action” Falconer! The good thing about Altered Carbon and its stack/sleeve system is that anyone can be re-casted. We’re also introduced to new characters such as Trepp and Dig 301 who is played by Simone Missick and Dina Shihabi. Before you watch, I want you to know that this is a Trepp (without the synthetic wig) stan account!

Season Two Cast

This season upped the action and upped the plot progression which allowed us to continue following Takeshi’s storyline and see a more in-depth view of all characters! It was great to see Takeshi’s new character development fit into Anthony Mackie’s rendition of him. As for the plot, it was nice to see how Quell not only affected Takeshi but also affected every character in the plot. Her absence (and presence) played into Trepp’s main mission, the governor’s mission, along with tying in [redacted] and Takeshi’s old life together now. It was also great to see just how human an A.I. could be. That’s on Poe and Mrs. Dig! Although this season was great, it did not translate well into the people’s reviews, and I’m ready to talk about it!

Poe the A.I.

I’m going to start it off by saying that Netflix fails at promoting all of its good library content. That is nothing new! They’ve done this to The Get Down, Sense8, and now season two of Altered Carbon.

This leads me to my next statement which is that companies always fail at promoting shows that involve any group of marginalized people (mostly black people and other POC). The same thing happened to HBO’s Watchmen series! All of these show I’ve named are nothing but phenomenal, yet doesn’t get the exposure needed to succeed because of the industry’s dislike in shows with great black/other POC leads.

All of this also applies to the sci-fi genre too! Not many black people make up the majority of a sci-fi cast. But when this is the case, it’s not pushed heavy enough and/or people seem to hate it due to the amount of the cast that isn’t white.

With that being said, I give season two a rating of 8 out of 10! Season two of Altered Carbon is available to stream now on Netflix!

Gay and Geeky,


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