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Act-Age: Prologue Arc

Hey guys, gays, and gworls! Since the current arc of Jujutsu Kaisen is not currently complete I wanted to start a new manga until it’s finished. These next four weeks we’ll be reading Act-Age! Read with me?

“This is the story of Kei Yonagi. She comes from a poor family. Her father ran out on her and her two younger siblings, leaving her to fend for the family herself after their mother’s death. When the opportunity comes to chase her dream of becoming an actress, Yonagi jumps at the chance. Catching the eye of Director Sumiji Kuroyama, Yonagi’s opportunity to shine has come. However, Yonagi’s talent for acting comes from her extreme and innate ability for Method Acting, one that various individuals note as potentially self-destructive.”

The instant I started reading I just knew that Kei would be someone that stands out after she turned on them instant waterworks! They told sis to serve sadness and she SERVED sadness. The agency was a fool for not picking her TWICE! But that’s ok, Sumiji Kuroyama swoops in to prepare Kei for the greatest movie he will ever make.

Aside from being a little pervy, Sumiji plays a significant role in Kei’s life. As described, Kei uses “Method Acting” which can be devastating long term. Sumiji is constantly pushing her to be a better actress by having her play a part of a character (or extra) that she has never related to. This is nothing for a professional actress who’s been in the game long enough, but Kei is just getting started! Sumiji has a vision for this big movie he wants to make and he’s training Kei to be ready for her part. I honestly cannot wait to see it all unfold in the upcoming chapters!

Speaking of chapters, we were left off with a cliffhanger for the next story arc “Death Island”. So read with me and check out my take on the “Death Island” arc next Tuesday! Be sure to like, if you’ve read Act-Age then comment your favorite character so far, subscribe, and tell a friend about GeekedT!

Also, tune in to my co-host and I chat every Friday as we talk about all things gay and geeky on the GeekedT Podcast!

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