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Welcome to GeekedT Y’all! I’m very ecstatic to announce my blog!IMG_0427 For those who may not know me let me introduce myself. You know that one awkward yet quirky friend? Well yeah, that’s me. My name is Michael Warrick, a gay and geeky college student who is majoring in English. Being very outgoing yet very introverted, I decided that I want to do something that peaks my interest and get my name out there without me actually being out there (haha). With that being said, I decided to birth GeekedT, the place where I can channel my inner nerd and discuss the things going on in the LGBT community. One hell of a mash-up!IMG_0431GeekedT as a blog is an advanced and visual version of the podcast with more categories, more topics, and more fun! New posts are up every Monday and every Friday so subscribe and stay tuned.IMG_0422

Posts are up every Monday and Friday and Podcast up every Tuesday


Gay & Geeky,


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